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we love our customers and they love us! Read below!

-Gail G.

"Eternal Plumbing took care of my problem with same day service. Anthony was my plumber and he was excellent!! Professional and polite, came earlier than expected and resolved my plumbing issue well within 45min. Price was reasonable, and better service than any of the other 3 plumbing companies I had dealt with. I will definitely recommend Eternal and Anthony to anyone looking for a good plumber!!!!"


Edward L.

"I was very pleased with the prompt, courteous and informative treatment my wife and I received from the Eternal Plumbing Solutions, LLC. They showed up on time to provide an estimate and were honest about what we needed and didn't need. I felt confident we were being treated well. I completed a lot of research and found the advice given to be accurate and the price fair. We proceeded with the water softener/treatment system and were delighted with the work performed. The installation was done at the time we were told it would be and the installation was done perfectly. The installer removed our old water softener and ensured the job site was thouroghly cleaned prior to leaving. He even took time to explain the maintenance we needed to do. We feel confident in providing a reference for this company as we are sure anyone would receive similar treatment from them"


Robert M.

We had a leaking valve in our washer valve box which was forcing our washing machine to flood. Called Eternal Plumbing and they came out the same day and provided an estimate. Our technician scheduled the repair around our work schedule so I didn't have to take a day off, and he showed up on time. Repairs were made quickly and the job site cleaned up. Thank you so much!


Bill G.

A singing plumber! Amazing, only in Las Vegas! And a knowledgeable and fast working one. I would hire him again.

Insert City

Bebe G.

It's so refreshing to know there are still honest companies out there who still believe in the old saying "my word is my bond". Eternal Plumbing seems to be one of them. We had a water heater go out on Feb. 28th. Apparently it had been leaking for several days and by the time we noticed it the water had ruined the drywall base it was mounted on (who mounts a water appliance on a drywall and wood base?- more on that later) i had no choice but to disconnect it and remove it before the plumber (NOT ETERNAL) could come out and look at it to tell the home warranty company (AMERICAN HOME SHELD- rip off company) that it was in fact leaking. So since I removed it the warranty company said I voided my policy and they were not going to replace it for us. This after 3 days of no hot water.

Here's where Eternal comes to the rescue!!!

I put out a quote blast via yelp to several plumbing companies. I informed them that I had already removed the old water heater and only needed the new one installed but I needed it done TODAY. That quote blast went out on Friday 3/2/18 @ about 12:30pm. Within 8 MINUTES Eternal had sent me a reply that they had tried to call the number in my quote blast because they could do it today between 4-6 pm. 8 MINUTES!!! Who does that??? These guys!. True to their word the plumber whom I now like to call "whistlin' Bill" showed up by 6pm. Bill showed up in a positive mood which is great considering it's the end of his day and I'm sure he's been dealing with plumbing issues all day. He gave a quote, which was fair considering the work, and super fast response time to our emergency. He did a great job and even offered to come back and take the old water heater and add a minor part on Monday. I have no doubt he'll be there whistlin' our troubles away!
Plumbers, electricians, painters, contractors in general often get a bad rap for their prices, schedule foul ups, no shows and bad attitudes. ETERNAL PLUMBING didn't have any of those issues. This is the first time I have ever used them, but I have a feeling they have earned a customer.