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Eternal Club Maintenance Plan

What in the Club is This??


1) Clear clogged drain with cable (restrictions apply) 2x per year, clear cable only.
2) Identify leaks in the home that could cost hundreds of dollars with dye tests of toilets.
3) Inspection of all faucets in home to check for calcification of airators, proper operation, of cartridge and ensure no leaks.
4) Check all sinks in home for proper drainage and check all fittings for leaks and proper installation.
5) Inspect garbage disposal for proper operation, ensure all blades are present and that the unit is optomized for superior performance.
6) Visual inspection of all emergency shut off valves, to ensure no leaks or corrosion is present.
7) Check TDS and chlorine levels for water quality.
8) Free camera inspection of main line (if needed).
9) Inspect all visible piping for leaks and corrosion to identify potential leaks.
10) Annual manufacturer recommended maintenance on water heater.
11) Flow test entire drainage system to ensure there are no drain issues.

    Club Members Receive 10% off any plumbing repair (up to $250 off) 

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