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Avoid these plumbing and toilet terrors on Halloween

Candy wrappers, makeup, and more can cast a real pall on the occasion

Halloween in Las Vegas should be a time for candy, carnivals, and cute ghosts and goblins. The celebrations and their aftermath, however, can mean trouble for your toilets and plumbing.Halloween pumpkin.

Here are some tips for avoiding a Halloween horror show. As always, if these nightmares unfold, Eternal Plumbing will have your back, but it’s best to avoid them in the first place.

  • Pumpkin guts. Everybody loves the slimy tradition of ripping great big gobs of innards from pumpkins and carving scary jack-o’-lanterns. Be sure and compost or throw away the guts. Fibrous vegetable matter should never go in garbage disposals or down the drain. It can clog drains and leave you with a broken garbage disposal to deal with.
  • Candy wrappers. Make sure your kids know to never throw candy wrappers or half-eaten candy into the commode. Ditto for any Halloween party guests you may host. Make sure you keep a trash can in a conspicuous place in your bathroom. You’ll also want to make sure wrappers don’t end up in your bathtub, shower, or sink.
  • Spiders and fangs. Speaking of kids, there is plastic jewelry and fake gore galore during the Halloween season. Tell your kids to keep their spider rings on their fingers and their plastic fangs in their mouths until they can be disposed of properly.
  • Make-up. Removing ghoulish gobs of makeup can be a pain, but don’t take a shortcut and rinse faces in the sink or shower. The greasy makeup can accumulate and lead to clogged drains and pipes in your Las Vegas home. Any wipes that are used to remove makeup should only go in the trash can, too.
  • Apples. Small children who bob for apples at a party might arrive at the incorrect conclusion that a toilet is a good place for an apple to float, too. And any child who receives fruit instead of candy might dispatch the fruit into the toilet in disgust. Trust us. Stranger things have happened.

Have fun this Halloween, but set the ground rules for proper trash disposal early and often. Consider the night for both fun and teachable moments.

Contact Eternal Plumbing if any of these issues cause your Las Vegas toilets or plumbing to go bump in the night. We’ll be up early Nov. 1.

Be thankful for unlimited hot water with a tankless water heater

Nothing says comfort like a hot bath or shower, but outdated water heaters can burn through your money as they try to keep up with demand.

Saving energy through the use of a tankless water heater can save you money. That adds up to a great reason to consider installing a tankless water heater for yourself or a loved one this holiday season.

Tankless water heater advantages

Here are reasons you should consider an on-demand water heater from the Las Vegas plumbing experts at Eternal:

1.       Energy efficiency. In a traditional water heater, water is stored for hours in the tank, using energy to keep it hot. Why heat dozens of gallons of water just for it to sit around in a big tank?

2.       Water conservation. Gallons of water can be wasted as you wait for hot water to be piped from your water heater. An average shower head provides 2.5 gallons of water per minute. If you have to wait two minutes for hot water to arrive, that’s 5 gallons of wasted water down the drain.

3.       Smaller. Standard water heaters are bulky and take up a lot of space. Without the need for a storage tank, an on-demand water heater has a much smaller footprint.

4.       Limitless hot water. Since tankless water heaters operate on an on-demand basis, there is plenty of hot water for the whole family to use at their leisure.

5.       Lifespan. On-demand water heaters last a lot longer than typical water heaters. They are not as susceptible to the buildup of sediment that can lead to corrosion. A quality on-demand water heater can last up to 20 years, nearly double the lifespan of a traditional water heater.

Need some help?

You can let your loved ones reap the benefits of a tankless water heater, or you can give one to yourself to celebrate the holidays. Either way, it’s a good investment. Contact Eternal Plumbing today for more information about our tankless water heater options.